Designated Safeguarding Children's Officer training

Ethics & Welfare

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

2 & 4 Wheels works closely with the 4 Governing Bodies of Motor Sport in Northern Ireland to ensure that all young people who take part in our sport, can do so in a safe environment.

We do this by:
(1) Ensuring our own affiliated governing bodies adopt develop a Child Safeguarding Policy
(2) The Creation of codes of conduct for coaches/trainers/volunteers and anyone else routinely involved with young people in club activities as well as young people and their parents involved in motorsport.
(3) Coordinate training and a process keeping up to date a body of Child Protection Officers (at club level) and Senior/Designated Child Protection Officers (at Governing Body level)
(5) Act as a central contact point for any and all updates to legislation regarding safeguarding in Northern Ireland.

To assist your club in developing a culture where a child can feel safe and a parent / guardian knows that your club prioritises the welfare of their child. 2 and 4 Wheel have developed the following advice under these various headings.

For much more information on policies, best practice, further briefing papers, videos, forms and research, go to the Child Protection in Sport Unit of the NSPCC 






2 & 4 Wheels will be starting work in early 2014 to achieve the foundation level of the Equality Framework for Sport ( Following this we will be working towards the preliminary level. The Equality Standard is a framework for assisting sports organisations to widen access and reduce inequalities in sport and physical activity from under representative individuals, groups and communities especially women and girls, ethnic minority groups and disabled people. It is based around two broad themes: developing the organisation and developing its services, and four levels of achievement: Foundation, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced.

We will be working closely with all four governing bodies of regulated motor sport, to ensure that any issues raised are dealt with where they arise i.e within governing bodies and their clubs.

Anti Doping

The 4 governing bodies of regulated motor sport in Northern Ireland have, independently or through their parent bodies, endorsed either the UK Sport  Anti-doping policy, the World Anti-Doping Association policy or the Irish Sports Council Anti-doping Policy (dependent on the nature of their affiliation).

This endorsement is reiterated through each governing body’s rule book. Each of the 4 governing bodies of regualted motorsport have worked with Sport NI and are up-to-date with regard to recent developments in anti-doping policies. 


Good governance is at the core of a well-run organisation, whether it is a sports governing body, or a commercial business.

2 & 4 Wheels is regularly assessed by Sport N I to ensure that it is ‘fit for purpose’ to receive public money.  Sport NI recognises an organisation to be fit for purpose if it is operating constitutionally, is financially viable and where appropriate, can demonstrate transparent policies and practices.

Sport NI, assess 2 & 4 Wheels' corporate governance against best practice principles.  In addition, the operations of the business are assessed under financial management, HR management and compliance with other business areas. 

The effectiveness of the corporate governance framework has been reviewed against the principles of ‘The Code of Good Governance’.   This guide outlines seven key principles, which are as follows:

• Principle 1:  Board leadership
• Principle 2:  Board’s responsibilities, legal requirements and obligations
• Principle 3:  The effective board
• Principle 4:  Performing, reviewing and renewing the board
• Principle 5:  Board delegation
• Principle 6:  Board integrity
• Principle 7:  Board openness

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